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Successor::World Bank

If the reported comments by George Bush by the BBC are correct then the morals & ethics of the US government are far worse than you’d expect.

Following the departure of Wolfowitz from the World Bank due to making some “mistakes” with regard to arranging the pay package of his partner – Bush wants an “American” to head up the World Bank.  Forget about putting the best qualified candidate up for the role – as long as it’s an American – it’ll be the best qualified? 

Frankly – it’s this kind of nationalistic bias – causes the bile to rise.  Doesn’t the title of the organisation “World Bank” mean anything?  Does the informal agreement that the US appoints the leader of the World Bank and Europe appoints the leader of the IMF exclude a non-American running the World Bank?

But then maybe most Americans think America is the world…

*sigh* Maybe with the falling value of the dollar – it might be time for the US to consider adopting the Euro


Friday 25th May, 2007 at 6:56 am 1 comment

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