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Handy tip on getting Google Webmaster tools to verify your site

Google’s webmaster tools have a handy facility to provide some detailed information about web sites and blogs that you run.  To get it working you need to verify your site using either a HTML file or modifying the meta tags – not a simple thing to archive with a hosted blog.  However tigredefogo has a handy and effective tip here!


Monday 26th November, 2007 at 1:00 pm 1 comment

WordPress today…

WordPress is slower than a dog on crutches today – new content on the horizon or code fixes for the increasing problems of comment spam?

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You’ll always be known by your 80’s hairstyle and that bright pink mini-skirt

I’m a people watcher plain and simple.  From the age of 15 I’ve always sat on a park bench off to one side and watched how people communicate with each other; both with the words they use and with the non-verbal body language.

An interesting twist however is how people communicate when the visual clues are removed – and here the blogging world is an interesting study.

I’ve found that the words people use to say something say far more about them than people realise.  Language gives far more away about a persons emotional state, their upbringing, how they perceive their status in the eyes of their peers and what they think about themselves.

The words, and importantly the combination of words they use, shed light on their anxieties, fears, hopes and their internal mental-emotional state.  By picking up on these clues you have an insight into their inner-world.

As people get older, their perspectives change – they feel the passing of the years and as they subconsciously look back on their life.  It’s a natural process of getting older and starting to see the sprinklings of grey.

Often people try to reinvent themselves in someway – and an interesting example of this is a recent post by Scoble.  Robert is a very popular blogger who, while he was at Microsoft, helped change the way that Microsoft deal with the outside world.    Microsoft owe a large debt to his abilities and, personally, I feel that during his time there he led the revolution that brought us Microsoft 2.0.  A major upgrade on the beast that was.

With the passing of the years Robert has moved onto pastures new and appears to be trying to develop more the creative side of his talents.  Many of which you can see in the interviews he did on the MSDN Channel9 site.

The Internet – the blogging world in particular – is struggling with a thorny issue.  The issue is one of reputation.  People are inherently social animals and reputation matters.  Usually reputation has bounds and is constrained; Fred has a reputation for people a great plumber, Angelo is known for his selfless energies spent with work in the society.  This doesn’t mean that you would ask Fred his opinion on the best way to make puff-pastry.

But people look to bloggers to be experts in all domains.  Why?  Is it that blogs are seen as a social dialog or social status and as such unconsciously people see blogs as measures of success?  Do blogs and the inherent linkage between them create a ‘nepotic’ or establish a network of cronyism?

The problem with trying to reinvent yourself in the current blog environment is that your previous fan-clan will always think of you as you were when they started following you – and you’ll always be known by your 80’s hairstyle and that bright pink mini-skirt.

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RSS Client – What do you want?

Ok. I’m a few days away from finishing my RSS Client. So far the features are:
Add/Remove Feeds
Check/View Feeds (auto update every x mins)
View Posts, mark posts with a flag (important, etc)
Assign your own categories to posts
Virtual views of posts based on post category and your categories
Grab the comments from posts & post a comment directly from the client
Auto add your comments to CoComment
Import/Export to OPML
OPML navigation
Search for Posts/Authors/URLs/categories/tags via technorati, etc
Submit Posts to your Blogs (WYSIWYG, Images, Etc)
Standard Blog Management (Posts/Categories/etc)
POP Email to RSS – So you can view your email as an RSS Feed
Skinable and define your own templates for layouts of Posts/comments/etc
Anything else you want to see in it? Oh – for those of you on the move – it’s a smart client application – so it’s aware of when it’s connected to the network and will act accordingly.

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Secure Admin Problems at WordPress

Humm.  With the new admin pages under SSL the feedback doesn’t appear to work and the graph on the Dashboard Stats page has gone south – now being a bar graph labelled Region A and Region B – and showing years 2003, 2004 & 2005 (this blog has only been up and running since 2006).

I find myself getting messages from IE saying that the pages contain secure and non-secure elements (mixed mode) and an invalid name on the SSL certificate when visiting and logging in.  The SSL cert * won’t be valid for – because there is no child domain.

Finally – pingbacks/trackbacks don’t appear to function any more…


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Images in RSS with WordPress

Does anybody know if it’s possible with the Hosted WordPress blog (on to an image thumbnail in the RSS feed?

Sunday 26th February, 2006 at 9:41 am Leave a comment

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