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Surface Computing

If you’ve not seen or heard about Microsoft Surface yet then you need to visit:

Prepare to be gob-smacked!

It’s slated to hit the high-street at the end of this year (2007 for future readers) and the rumour mill put the price somewhere in the region of 5,000-10,000 USD.  

If it works anything like the demos suggest, and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t with the functionality available in supporting devices (mobile phones, cameras, PDA’s, etc), then it will change the way we interact – no only with computers but with each other.


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Intelligent VoIP Clients

A new post on Intelligent VoIP Clients bringing intelligent call routing to the everyday Joe.

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2D Barcode Generators

There are a few 2D barcode generators out there.

I prefer the Kaywa generators – the Data Matrix Generator 

DataMatrix Generator @ Kaywa

and the QR Code 

QR Code Generator @ Kaywa

 have a nice clean interface and are easy to use.  They don’t however support some of the extended types (such as contact cards). Some other generators that I’ve experimented with:

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A blog focussed on VoIP and real world problems

I’ve started a blog:aside on VoIP and it’s issues in the real world on – initially we’re looking at dealing with the problems of VoIP Peering

In ‘Plain Speak’ TM this is a way for to call

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Three is the Magic Number…

The H3G network in Italy (aka Three – have some superb offers at the moment.  Their tariffs are superb and clear – vastly so when compared to their competitors (Vodafone/Omnitel and Wind) who have a horrible and overly table of packages, tariffs and calls costs to other networks.

So while in Rome yesterday I decided to pop in and check them out in person.  The sales guy was the unusual sales type – listened to the questions (in bad Italian), talked about the options and clearly explained the little questions that you cannot deduce from trawling the web.

In the end I decided to sign up to their SuperTuaPiu package and selected the LG 8360 phone.  It’s a cool looking phone (offered in Black and Silver) – feature complete with Camera, Video calling, MP3, WMA, MMS, UTMS, a great bright screen with easy to use software.

First impressions: Superb!  I’ve been pretty happy for the 24 hours that I’ve had it. 

My only gripe is with LG for not providing or having any drivers for Windows XP x64 – which means I can’t plug it into my main machine and use the Sync software.  Digging around on the web shows that many people are having the same problems with Windows XP x64.  Reading around, it turns up that the first line support people at LG don’t realise that LG have written the software – and keep telling people to contact Microsoft! Doah!

I’ve dropped LG a message via their contact page on the web explaining the problem and letting them know that MS haven’t actually written the software.  With luck it’ll prompt them into contacting their Dev team and maybe, within the timeframe of Vista, they will release something.  I’m not, however, holding my breath.

If anybody knows of some USB drivers for connecting mobiles to Windows XP x64, I’d love to hear about it.

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