Symfony Debugging: Browser tips

Thursday 14th May, 2009 at 2:28 pm Leave a comment

Often people have issues with how best to debug their application from the browser when developing with Symfony.

There’s a couple of tools available that make the dev’s life easier:

The winning combo of Firefox + Firebug allow you to see what’s on the page, inspect your form + input tags and work out if there are problems locating page assets (like css, images and JS).  Just right click on any of the page elements and select “Inspect Element” and you can navigate the HTML in a quick and intuitive way.  Enable the Script, Net & Console for the site by clicking on the headings from within Firebug and you’ll be given access to those features and you can examine which assets are missing, load times, set breakpoints on your script – all in realtime and on the fly.

Watching the Firebug net panel – you’ll see details of HTTP GET’s, POST’s and AJAX requests but sometimes it misses a few things – especially when you’re using Flash or Flex on the page – which uses connections outside of the browser and therefore not tracked by Firebug.

firebug net panel

firebug net panel

In this case you’ll need to use a desktop proxy to monitor the connection which can proxy all connections and will allow you to inspect & decode the traffic.  Fiddler is a lightweight desktop proxy for the Windows Platform that does just this and more.  You can capture, review, decode, replay and construct all connections – drilling into and examining what’s happening and thereby giving you a much clearer picture about what’s happening between the browser and the server.

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