Vista SP1 and ReadyBoost

Saturday 22nd December, 2007 at 3:31 pm Leave a comment

After a few weeks of trying to install Vista SP1, bluescreens, rollbacks and reporting bugs, I finally managed to get SP1 to install on Vista Ultimate x64.

The final problem was overcome with a little script from MS to cleanup rollback attempts that didn’t quite rollback!

With SP1 applied Vista appears to run about 15% faster generally and Office 2007 zips along.  Not tried any games yet but I’ll be firing up The Witcher soon – a cool little RPG with compelling graphics and a great story.

With regards to ReadyBoost – SP1 brings some great additions (not all of which I’ve been able to test at the moment) – especially regarding the performance of ReadyBoost on laptops.  Not having a Laptop presents some problems with testing.

The ReadyBoost eventlog in the eventvwr now shows how well (or badly) ReadyBoost is doing on the machine – a great way to prove to yourself and others its effectiveness.

The most recent Readyboost entry shows a whopping 82% cache hit percentage:

ReadyBoost Event Entry

I’ve a 1.5 ratio of cache size to system memory – as suggested by the ReadyBoost config utility.

If you’re having problems with ReadyBoost – checkout my previous entry.


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ReadyBoost on Vista Genetics: Environmental adapation

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