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Tuesday 28th February, 2006 at 11:31 pm 2 comments

Took the plung today and installed the x64 version of Windows Vista (build 5308)  on my machine.  I had a spare 3 GB of disk space that I thought would be enough..  10 mins later I was running Acronis disk manager from CD (nobody appears to have Partition management software for Windows XP Pro x64) to steal some space from another partiton.  I needed a  min of 11 GB of disk space to install Vista.

After a relatively painless install process (damn machine wanted to boot from the DVD each time) – I was up and running.  My initial impression: Hubba hubba hubba!!!

Nice look, great feel – and felt a little lost.  Everything has changed.  It took about 15 mins to find my bearings – and altering my mind map of how to navigate the OS.  Windows popped up as smooth as silk sheets with a hot redhead.

However quite quickly I was having problems.  Network problems…

I installed the network drivers from Intel (who fantastically have a simple single install for all their x64 drivers – so you don’t have to worry about finding the right download) as Windows didn’t ship them with the Beta.  A quick test – update the system clock against – all was looking good.

Happy – I tried the internet (taking a few mins to admire IE 7 – there isn’t a general beta for XP Pro x64)… And it all came crashing down..  No internet access with IE.. 

Damn Weird…  The time updated ok – and dropping to the cmd prompt (which took a little figuring) found I could ping good old cisco (who actually respond to pings).

Humm… IP was running, DNS was ok.  So why wasn’t IE displaying any websites.

Looking around – nothing obvious struck me.  The new networking interfaces confused me much at first – wonderful colours and layout – but nothing that helped much in working out what the problem was.  There are 2 troubleshooting wizards – one for networking and another in IE that are supposed to help track down problems.  None did anything much apart from look pretty.  (I’ll find out if I’m allowed to post some screen shots – they are worth a look).

After an hour of hunting around- and using a spare machine to surf for mesages that might indicate where the problem might be – I found a short post on Google Newgroups from somebody who had a similar problem.  Theirs disappeared after upgrading their router.  Taking a look at the – always reliable – NetGear DG832 found that I had uPNP running and Trends Security Services enabled on the router.  Turning off the uPNP and rebooting the router and Vista didn’t help..  Turning off the Trend Micro Security Services on the router and trying IE again however fixed my problem.

God knows what it was doing to block IE but it fixed my problem.

Alora as they say in Italy (anyway)…

Since then I have played about a bit – tweaking performance, working out what is what.  A great way to figure out the OS and to loose 6 hours.

Before I can do anymore with it – I need to resize some partitions and give vista some more space.  Then it’s the great install procces (Office, VS 2005, Infragistcis components – who have some of the best .NET controls here that save me a bunch of time in dev, and the rest of the tools I depend on while working).  Another 6 hours and I should be able to get back to work.



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  • 1. Kelly Swon  |  Thursday 31st January, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    See also .NET controls here:

  • 2. Dasher  |  Monday 4th February, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Some interesting controls you have Kelly.


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